ESG Strategy Development & Implementation


It's more than just "being green"

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is a set of standards measuring a business's impact on society, the environment, and how accountable and sustainable its business model and governance in areas such as company leadership, audits, internal controls, and policies and procedures are.

Many businesses are being driven to develop and implement an ESG strategy by their supply chain, their clients, or their investors, however adopting an ESG framework has wide benefits for all businesses large and small – from reducing risk and lowering costs to improving reputation and attracting new customers and staff.

OPS-BOX can help you review your current business practices and implement a companywide strategy to support your ESG aims.


How can an ESG strategy support your business?

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Improve your company’s reputation

By showing you have a plan that focuses on helping the environment, supporting diversity, and ensuring business decisions are being made ethically shows your company is focused on more than just delivery of profit and reputationally this speaks volumes.

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Lower your businesses costs

Any initiatives that help reduce waste in processes can help your business reduce costs, whether those wastes are material or time focused either will go towards cost reductions and increased productivity.

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Attract and retain employees

Employees are looking for more than just a competitive salary in today’s workplaces, a business with a sense of purpose and real accountability will attract like minded individuals and are more likely to retain these people as the relationship is driven not only by money.

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Attract and retain customers

Many customers are looking at their supply chain in a different light, and larger organisations are asking for suppliers to have a formal ESG strategy in place before contracts can be signed. For smaller businesses transacting with larger suppliers having the strategy and the associated ongoing sustainable processes and procedures is key for supplier audit purposes.

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Support you to secure investment/sale

Many investors are now looking for businesses to have an ESG strategy in place to secure funding or as part of a sale process.

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