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The finance company with an ambition to automate.

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Our client, a financial services company that manages account applications, had planned to introduce new software to automate account opening processes. 

Project challenges  

As well as meeting industry standards around data accuracy, our client's move to automation promised to realise cost savings, increase productivity and help meet regulatory and compliance obligations as well as permit more accurate internal business performance forecasting. Yet successful implementation of the new online account opening system depended first on solving inherent problems with the existing paper-based one.

Our strategic approach

We worked closely with employees at every level and discovered that many paper-based applications were incomplete, inaccurate or both. It became clear that substandard performance meant that work was being repeated, creating unacceptable delays in opening accounts. In addition, lack of individual performance tracking meant that managers, while focused on raising standards, had no sense of who was doing well – and where intervention might be required.

By collaborating with employees we uncovered valuable internal resources that could be used to build team proficiency. We established a working group of willing employees who were able to offer ongoing remedial training and pre-submission checklists. And we collected and analysed performance data so we could identify common problems and develop speedy targeted resolutions.  

The outcome  

By engaging positively with employees we were able to quickly resolve problems with the existing paper-based account opening processes, which cleared the way for the introduction of the new online system. Proficiency levels rose and staff also came to appreciate the business case for the new online system, which helped build compliance. Once successfully implemented, our client’s new system led to the anticipated levels of productivity and associated cost savings.

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As we all know, it’s not an easy time for businesses at the moment and the future remains uncertain. At OPS-BOX Group, we work with businesses who are planning to come out the other side stronger and fitter, not just survive.

The fundamental pillars of business still apply and we believe that paying close attention to these now will stand you in good stead for the road ahead and position you for future growth.

At OPS-BOX, we see businesses every day who face different choices, challenges and issues, however there is a lot of common ground and I have shared my top eight pieces of advice for any business.

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An economic downturn can create all kinds of unexpected opportunities – they say necessity drives innovation and for those able to spot those chances and are brave enough to go for it – the opportunities are undoubtedly there. In fact, a recent survey from Enterprise Nation found that one in five UK adults are looking […]

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Hayley Parker explains why it is so important for us all to think small and act local this winter.

As our retail and hospitality sectors open back up following the November lockdown and small businesses fight to recoup their lost earnings and get back on the road to recovery, there is so much we can all do – as individuals and businesses – to support and help our local economy recover from the pandemic.

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